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Feeling Vulnerable? See How Wesley Financial Group Can Help You

Accepting vulnerability and asking for help can be one of the hardest things to do. We can’t figure out everything on our own. At Wesley Financial Group, we recognize and understand that you are coming to us because you can’t do this on your own. You need someone to help you figure out whether you can get out of your timeshare or not, or whether you could reduce your level of

Wesley Financial Group knows you are feeling frustrated about getting dealt a bad timeshare.

ownership. Issues with timeshares cause great stress to many people. Attempting timeshare cancellation on your own can be an even greater stress. Have you ever heard the saying, “Every great lawyer has their own lawyer?” You’ve probably heard the Abraham Lincoln quote, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Even professionals within specific professions seek those who specialize in certain areas within their own field of practice, and you shouldn’t be hesitant to do the same. Cardiologists need to ask Oncologists questions and vice versa. Even if you have had years of experience with your timeshare, you shouldn’t feel upset or be embarrassed to ask for help. Wesley Financial Group specializes in timeshare cancellation. We are here to help you with all your timeshare cancellation concerns, and you shouldn’t feel shy or embarrassed to come forward.

Acknowledging Vulnerability Can Help Us Move Forward

In an article from Forbes.com, contributor Lawton Ursery discusses how, “Having a healthy relationship with vulnerability is one of the most admirable traits a person can have. It carries continuous benefit(s) throughout life when used properly.” (Ursery, 2014). He discusses further how vulnerability can benefit us:

“Acknowledging vulnerability is very difficult. Most of us do not ever come to direct terms with it and we bury it so deep within ourselves —rarely do we find the real truth. Hence, we have trouble coming to terms with it, dismantling the fear and discomfort associated with it. Secondly, we’re taught to “never let them see you sweat.” We’re taught to silence and hide our weaknesses, thereby creating vulnerability avoidance. This in turn helps perpetuate our fear, and drains our power with its inaction-based agenda.” (Ursery, 2014).

Does this sound familiar? “Inaction-based agenda” sounds all too familiar when we are avoiding our vulnerability. Not doing anything sometimes seems like the easiest way out. If we don’t do anything, even though we’ve been taken advantage of, then we’re not admitting that we were duped. Asking for help can be one of the hardest things to do. As a matter of fact, the President and CEO of Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell, does not hide who he is or the trials he has faced in his journey with Wesley Financial Group. He is open about the fact that he worked in the timeshare industry prior to creating Wesley Financial Group. Check out the video on our website to hear Chuck and his wife, Jo Ellen, describe their feelings as they went through a massive lawsuit with Wyndham. Part of the reason that Wesley Financial Group is so successful is because we are not afraid to be authentic and honest about any shortcomings we have experienced and overcome, and we will not judge you when you tell us yours. The article by Lawton Ursery further expands on why it is better to let yourself be vulnerable:

“Being vulnerable is one of the truest ways to express ourselves as humans and connect with other people. People simply admire and adore the vulnerable. People trust and accept those who are vulnerable, fail, make mistakes, etc. It is a way to open up and add more connectivity to you. Many people try to create an “always winning” perception, but it’s far better to be less. Show your scars—be perfectly imperfect. This is a genuine way to humanize your interaction with others. Being vulnerable is being yourself, so never ever be afraid to uphold your unashamed, personal truth.” (Ursery, 2014).

Being Brave and Vulnerable Enough to Ask for Help If You’ve Been Duped in a Timeshare

At Wesley Financial Group, we understand that it is hard to admit that you have been misled or duped in a timeshare. It is even harder to ask for help sometimes. The subject of vulnerability is also talked about in great length in another Forbes article. In another article from Forbes.com, contributor Rob Asghar observes the way in which we let vulnerability avoidance affect us on a personal level, much to our disadvantage. He analyzes the information provided by Dr. Brene Brown during a TED talk:

“Most of us associate and equate vulnerability with weakness. But in fact, the inability or unwillingness to be vulnerable is what makes us weaker at some deeper level. To be vulnerable means to go for a drive, knowing you can get hit; or go to a restaurant knowing you can get mugged on the way or poisoned once you get there; or go on an airplane knowing it might crash.

Wesley Financial Group are rock stars in the timeshare exit industry.

To avoid that sort of vulnerability would mean you’re being timid, not a strong person or a safe and protected person. But while most of us can go to a restaurant, we let timidity win the day in many of our career and personal situations, by letting it disguise itself proudly as strength or indifference or aloofness or cynicism.” (Asghar, 2014).

This observation is a revelation. Having the strength to come forward and admit that maybe we need help is a very vulnerable thing indeed. We often push problems away and cannot come forward with the facts. Perhaps you should let yourself be open and seek help. Besides the many areas of life that this pertains to, it also ties together with circumstances individuals who have been misled into a timeshare may go through. Admitting that you may have been duped is hard to acknowledge. Many of us believe that we have a firm hold on things, and that no one can get the best of us. If you have been duped, there is no reason to feel embarrassed. You shouldn’t avoid asking for help or inquiring about timeshare cancellation because you would have to admit vulnerability.

Getting the Help You Need from Wesley Financial Group

Both articles from Forbes.com discuss how accepting vulnerability is the true way to success. At Wesley Financial Group, we can give you the help you need to get out of your timeshare or reduce level of ownership. By calling our offices or filling out our forms online, you can get a free consultation about your timeshare situation. By providing us with the facts of your situation, we can help determine whether we can help you in cancel your timeshare or even reduce your level of ownership. In the timeshare advocacy industry, we’ve been growing since 1989, and have established ourselves as a leader in the industry. Contact our offices today.

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