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Good People: Why People Like Chuck McDowell Are Hard to Find

Finding good people can be tricky sometimes, especially if you have been mistreated. Sometimes it feels like they’re hiding out somewhere, particularly when you have been defrauded in a timeshare. Where are they hiding? When you find a good person, you hold onto them for dear life. Good people are hard to find. They seem few and far between. Is there some particular genetic makeup of a good person? Who qualifies as a good person may vary a bit from culture to culture; but overall, good people generally have the same characteristics worldwide. Our President & CEO, Chuck McDowell is one of the good guys. What are some of the characteristics that define good people like Chuck McDowell?

Characteristics of Good People

Chuck McDowell can help timeshare fraud victims reverse the burden.

Characteristics of good people vary from culture to culture, but deep down all good people share similar traits. Whether we’re traveling throughout Indonesia or Kentucky, we can easily tell a good person when we have the opportunity to interact with them. In an article by John Rohn in Success titled, “6 Essential Traits of Good Character”, John Rohn lays out six essential traits: Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty, Self-Sacrifice, Accountability, and Self-Control. (Rohn, 2016). The article is focused more on the good qualities of leaders, such as our President & CEO, Chuck McDowell. However, the article can easily be applied to good people who are not necessarily leaders as well.


Integrity is a good catchword that is similar to the character but provides us with a different way of looking at the ideas of character. The root of integrity means “whole” or “undivided,” and that’s a terrific way to help us understand what integrity is—an undivided life. For example, you don’t act one way in one situation and another in a different situation. There is integrity and wholeness to your life.” (Rohn, 2016). Rohn’s explanation of integrity in acting the same way in different situations is a great way to explain integrity. Chuck McDowell, our leader, exemplifies integrity in the way he decidedly acts upon the motto of the founder of Wesley Financial Group, John Wesley: “Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.”


This is a hard trait for many people to develop and practice. Many people decide that there are times when they will be honest, and that is often when it is beneficial for themselves to be honest. As John Rohn states, “Why do people hedge the truth? Usually for a few basic reasons: They are either afraid of the ramifications or they are trying to hide something. Either way, a lack of honesty results in the fact that you destroy the trust of those who follow you.” (Rohn, 2016). On the other hand, there are good people, like Chuck McDowell, who believe in true honesty. Chuck McDowell left the timeshare industry when he noticed all the deceitful tactics that were being used against consumers. Now he leads a timeshare advocacy company that helps those who have been duped in a timeshare. Honesty is a hard thing to come by. Being honest isn’t easy sometimes, especially when being honest can have an adverse effect on you.


“People of good character are loyal people. They have a “stick-to-it” attitude when it comes to others. Anybody who knows human nature knows that people fail. It’s just a matter of time, no matter how talented someone is. A person of good character stays with their friends even in the downtimes. Anyone can be friends with others when times are good. People of good character stay with their friends when they need them most.” (Rohn, 2016). Chuck McDowell had the option to not be loyal to his customers when worked in the timeshare industry. Instead, he did what was right. As a result, he left the timeshare industry to be a leader in the timeshare advocacy industry. Sometimes being a silent bystander can be just as bad as being the perpetrator, and Chuck McDowell refused to be a silent bystander. He remained loyal to consumers and is still loyal today.


“A person of good character shows that they can give up personal gain for the good of the whole.” (Rohn, 2016). Chuck McDowell could have stayed and made gains in the timeshare industry, although he knew of people who were being taken advantage of. But he didn’t. As a result, he was sued by one of the largest timeshare companies in the industry, and he prevailed. Were there times when he didn’t know whether he would be successful in the lawsuit? Sure. Everything was at stake. This is a prime example of self-sacrifice.


Chuck McDowell leads Time Share Financial to assist victims of fraud.

“People of good character don’t mind accountability. In fact, they welcome it. This is the act of allowing others to have a say in your life, to speak to you straight about your life and conduct. The brutal truth is that we have blind spots and need other people to be in close to us, so we can advance down the road of success.” (Rohn, 2016). Chuck McDowell is a leader who remains accountable in all his actions. This is something that he has continued to possess throughout his career.


“The ability to make decisions—good decisions—about what we will and will not do with our actions is at the core of what we become in regard to our character. There will be plenty of options to participate in things that are not moral. Everybody has temptations, but a person of good character knows to exercise self-control—literal control over their choices.” (Rohn, 2016).

Chuck McDowell made the decision to leave the timeshare industry. He had the option to “participate in things that are not moral” when he worked as a sales representative in the timeshare industry. He could have turned a blind eye to the deceitful tactics that the timeshare industry encourages, but he didn’t. He made the decision to separate himself from such deceitful tactics. More than just leave the industry entirely, he decided to help people who were victims of such deceitfulness. Today he is the leader of one of the leading timeshare advocacy companies, Wesley Financial Group.

Good People like Chuck McDowell are Hard to Come By

At the end of the day, people like Chuck McDowell, good people, are hard to come by. When we do have the opportunity to meet such people, it is a great thing. At Wesley Financial Group, we are here to help you in if you have been deceived in either upgrading or purchasing your timeshare. Contact our offices today for a free consultation. Whether you are seeking to reduce your level of ownership or cancel your timeshare, don’t hesitate to contact our offices to see if we can be of assistance. Let us help you today. We strive to do the best for our clients and would be honored to see if we can help you.

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