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Who is the best timeshare exit company?

Who is the best timeshare exit company?

Have you ever bought a product and later thought, “Well this isn’t all it was made out to be?” This is the same question a lot of timeshare owners begin to ask themselves within the first few years of owning their timeshares. This is why so many of these owners start looking for a way out of these steep financial obligations. 

One of the most common ways out of a timeshare is to contact an exit company for professional assistance. Exit companies will provide you with a specialist or representative who will not only walk you through the steps, but will also help you to communicate any grievances or mishaps to the timeshare management company your agreement is with.

Liberating yourself from your timeshare is no simple task, but exit companies are here to make sure that you’re informed every step of the way. Unfortunately, every industry seems to have it’s fraudulent look-alikes. This is very much the case with the timeshare cancellation industry. But, don’t worry, there are obvious signs to look for that will ensure you’re signing on with a legitimate timeshare cancellation company. 

Here are a few variables to take into account when trying to find the best timeshare exit company:

  • An effective and reliable cancellation process
  • Extensive knowledge of the timeshare industry
  • Positive customer feedback 
  • 100% money back guarantee

One company that satisfies all of these requirements is Wesley Financial Group, LLC. Led by timeshare cancellation pioneer, Chuck McDowell, Wesley Financial Group, LLC is an ethical company who’s experience in the industry sets them apart. Having helped thousands of families since its inception in 2011, it’s clear to see that these representatives and case specialists care about their clients. With over 70 client testimonials on its YouTube Channel, Wesley Financial Group, LLC has proven that it’s made a name for itself. What really sets Wesley Financial Group, LLC apart from its competitors is its 100% money-back guarantee. Imagine paying someone to get out of your timeshare agreement just for them to take your money and never actually free you of your timeshare? It just wouldn’t be ethical. Wesley Financial Group, LLC knows what you’re up against, and this is why they offer you all of your money back if they can’t get you out of your timeshare agreement. It should be noted that company’s like Wesley Financial Group, LLC have a strict vetting process where they only take on clients who were tricked or lied to during the timeshare sales process. 

Be sure to avoid scamful timeshare exit companies

While it is nice to know that companies like Wesley Financial Group, LLC will have your back, unfortunately, there are cancellation companies out there that have a sole purpose of taking your money for nothing in return. 

With the COVID-19 global pandemic, scamful exit companies have started to realize it’s never been easier to persuade someone that you can help them save money. These fraudulent companies do not offer a 100% money back guarantee, nor do they typically have vast industry experience or positive customer reviews.

Who is the best timeshare exit company?

The best way to make sure you’re not signing up with one of these companies is to show up to a consultation with a list of questions asking about experience, knowledge, the exit process itself and what happens to your money if they can’t get you out of your timeshare. 

The cancellation process

At any credible timeshare cancellation company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC you will be met with a multi-step process that leads you to your end goal:  being free of your timeshare. This usually starts with a session in which a company representative gets to know you and your story. While every customer wants to know how long this process takes, it’s tough to give a definitive answer to that question due to the many factors to take into account when predicting the speed of cancellation. It should be noted, that once you’ve been approved and in the third step of the process, representatives can usually give you an estimated time frame. 

The Initial Discussion 

The best way for someone to understand your situation is for you to go over it with them. This is exactly what happens in this step. After you go over all of the details and mishaps of your timeshare experience, it gives the exit team a better idea of what sort of situation they’re dealing with and how they can assist you. 

Case Approval

In this step, you will most likely be assigned a qualification specialist. This person will check and approve that you are qualified to have your timeshare agreement terminated. Should you not qualify, they will explain that your situation does not meet their requirements. 

Case Pricing

In this stage of the process, you will meet with a company vice president to talk about the cost of your cancellation and/or your pricing options. Here you will learn about what factors were taken into consideration in order to determine your total cost of cancellation.

Case Resolution

This is where your process starts to really make ground. In this step, you will be assigned a point of contact who will keep you up to date on information regarding your cancellation as well as any forms, documents or letters you need to be made aware of. 

Successful Completion

You’ve made it! This is the final step where you receive confirmation that your timeshare agreement has been terminated. In some cases, you can receive a refund. Though, this is not something you should count on because everyone’s timeshare circumstances are different. 


Though timeshare owners tend to have different stories about how they were tricked into buying their timeshare, one thing remains constant:  owners are put into a money-sucking situation that they eventually yearn to find a way out of. If you were lied to during the sales operation of your timeshare, you absolutely have an argument to exit your timeshare. 

Some people may give you advice that the resale market is a good option for cancelling your timeshare. While this works for some, very rarely is it successful because a small amount of timeshare owners purchased their timeshare from a previous owner. This is why contacting a timeshare exit company makes the most sense. 

Act fast and get in touch with an exit company that cares about customers and offers a 100% money back guarantee. Companies like Wesley Financial Group, LLC have an experienced staff that’s ready to help you face any timeshare bully. For more information about their process, be sure to visit their website

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