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Wesley Financial Group, LLC Reviews

Wesley Financial Group, LLC Reviews

Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) is a timeshare cancellation company located in Franklin, TN with an office also in Las Vegas, NV. They offer specialized services to timeshare owners who were fraudulently misled into their purchase. They pledge to assist the client in terminating their timeshare agreements and eliminate the debt associated with the property. Wesley Financial Group, LLC is a pioneer and leader of the timeshare cancellation industry, which began as a response to the frustration of many timeshare owners who felt swindled or taken advantage of in their timeshare sales presentation.

WFG knows their clients will be skeptical about joining in another agreement after their terrifying experience with their timeshare company, but looking at their accomplished history, there seems to be little to worry about. Transparency is a very high priority of their business and allows their potential clients to get a look into their process of timeshare termination. This obviously helps potential clients to see the company as a trustworthy one. If it’s not enough evidence of their legitimacy, then their 100% money-back guarantee should be able to smooth over any other feelings of doubt. Their validity in the timeshare cancellation industry is showcased in the many accolades and achievements they have received for their work.

Accolades & Achievements

From business industry awards to highly rated reviews, Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) has proven itself time and time again as one of the best options in their field. They offer an award-winning process that shows their trustworthiness, and they continue in an upwards trajectory within the timeshare cancellation industry. Within 2020 alone they are nearing 50 different awards. A number of these include the Best Place To Work Award from Business Intelligence Group and the Nashville Business Journal, Excellence In Customer Service Award from Business Intelligence Group, and being listed on Fortune Inc.’s List of 500 Fastest-Growing Companies in America. The industry respected credit reporting agency, Dun & Bradstreet, granted WFG with their most prestigious honor which is the Platinum Award. These awards speak volumes of the honest work and excellent service they provide.

Now, when it comes to reviews and ratings, WFG is not lacking in positive results and satisfied clients. With an estimated 1,500 verified reviews from trusted sites such as BestCompany, Google, and Trustpilot, WFG holds an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 across all of them. These sites bring clients and companies together and offer opportunities to provide feedback. The feedback is resoundingly positive, with the number of delighted customers who praise the company for their service. With this transparency, WFG can assure potential clients they will be working with one of the best cancellation companies in the industry.

Wesley Financial Group, LLC Reviews

Verified Reviews

What truly stands out about Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”), is their vast number of verified reviews from former clients with consistently high ratings. Here are several examples of the acclaim they receive from past clients that demonstrate the company’s legitimacy and work ethic. These quotes are from real people who successfully terminated their timeshares with WFG.

“Soon after signing a timeshare contract I realized it was the worst decision I had ever made. After some research I got in contact with Wesley Financial and immediately felt I was in good hands, I recovered peace of mind from that moment. Today I am happy to share that I got rid of the timeshare.” – Carlos P.

“Choosing Wesley Financial Group, LLC was the best decision I could’ve made to help me completely eliminate my timeshare. From the very beginning, I felt that I could trust this company and I felt safe in agreeing to work with them to cancel my timeshare. Open and honest communication is really important, especially after signing into a contract full of deceit. I really appreciated how easy and responsive my representatives have been. If you are seeking a trustworthy and honest company to help cancel your timeshare you’ve come to the right place!” –Mary S.

“My stress and headaches are finally over. I have never been so happy to get a termination letter from a company. WFG did what they said they would do. The people I worked with were very professional and personable. They had time to talk and listen to me with my feelings and concerns. I am forever grateful for the service provided.” –Sandra V.

Personal Testimonials

Reading through written reviews is very helpful, and seeing many awards and accolades is promising, but the best review is when you hear it directly from the source. Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) has collected over 70 personal video testimonials sent to them over the years from past clients. These testimonials are available for viewing on their website and YouTube channel. The testimonials are from real people filming their videos in the comfort of their homes, telling their stories, and giving sincere approvals of WFG. Again, this is another great example of transparency provided by the company, and it gives their customers a larger and more accessible platform to provide feedback. The video testimonials demonstrate the satisfaction so many of WFG’s clients experience from working with them and seeing their timeshare termination come to fruition.

Watch WFG testimonial videos here:  https://timesharecancellations.com/testimonials/


Wesley Financial Group, LLC, (“WFG”) is marching forward and not looking back at the distractors as they are providing a legitimate solution that works in their ever-evolving industry. The many awards that they have earned for their revolutionary work, and the immense number of positive reviews they constantly receive, points to the honest and trustworthy service they offer as the reason for it all. WFG seems to do it all for their clients and judging from the reviews, it seems the clients are more than grateful for it.

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