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Is Wesley Financial Legit? Is It Okay to Lean on Others For Help? Questions That Victims of Timeshare Fraud May Have

If you’ve been duped in a timeshare, you probably have a lot of questions. You may not know where to turn to. Since 1989, Wesley Financial has been helping victims of timeshare fraud find a solution to their timeshare problems. Perhaps you were deceived into upgrading the level of ownership of your timeshare, and you wish to reduce your level of ownership. On the other hand, maybe you were tricked when you were purchasing your timeshare, and you wish to completely cancel your timeshare. Either way, it helps to contact someone who knows the ropes. At Wesley Financial, legit questions include those about our success rate.

The fact is, we have a 100% proven success rate. This means that since 1989, we have helped many people achieve their desired outcome. First things first, you may need to allow yourself to lean on others. If you have been taken advantage of by a timeshare company, let yourself seek the help of people who know what they are doing. Contact Wesley Financial. But first, let’s take a look at why it is okay to lean on others for help.

Is it Okay to Lean on Others for Help?

The question in any business relationship is similar to the one, "Is Wesley Financial Legit?" The answer in this case is a resounding "Yes!"Many people may feel reluctant to reach out to others for assistance during times of need. In an article published online in Odyssey, Kylie Condosta discusses what many of us need to do, “Learn to lean on others.” Condosta starts her article by describing in a very personal way how it feels for her to reach out and ask for help. She begins. “Help me, please. Three words, 12 letters. That’s all it is. But it’s so hard for me to shove these words past my broken lips, to vocalize the thought that has bounced around my head countless times…” (Condosta, 2016). How many victims of timeshare fraud also feel reluctant to reach out?

Condosta continues, “I carry the burden of stress on my shoulders like a badge of honor. Look at how strong I am, I think. I can carry all of this on my own. Even as my shoulders sag and my breath hitches with each step, I smile and bask in the triumph of my “accomplishment.” Be stronger, I tell myself. You don’t need anyone to hold you together, you’re independent — you hold yourself together even as you fall apart. You clutch at the cracks and seal them together with hastily applied bandages, over and over again and hope that this time it’ll be the last. That this will be the time that the mental exhaustion that has plagued you over the course of the year will vanish.” (Condosta, 2016). How many others feel this way? In today’s world, it seems that the ideology of figuring stuff out on your own seems to be encouraged. Yet it is impossible to be able to know and do everything on your own. There’s nothing wrong with leaning on others for help.

If you’ve been deceived in a timeshare, you’ve probably been looking for a way out of the nightmare. Hopefully, you’ve been seeking some assistance with your timeshare problems. You’ve probably heard of the timeshare advocacy industry and Wesley Financial. “Is Wesley Financial legit?”, you may ask yourself. Yes, we are a legitimate company. We understand why those who have been ‘taken for a ride’ by timeshare companies would ask, “Is Wesley Financial legit?” When you’ve been deceived and outright lied to by timeshare companies, it can be difficult to allow yourself to have faith in another company. That being said, the sole purpose of Wesley Financial’s existence is to help those who have been taken advantage of by timeshare companies. You don’t need to worry, “Is Wesley Financial legit?”

Getting Past The Belief of Carrying the Burden Yourself

Condosta aptly describes how carrying a burden yourself is stressed in today’s world. Condosta continues, “In our culture, there’s a dangerous emphasis on being independent, on relying solely on yourself and your abilities. During our education and our careers, this fierce desire to remain self-reliant can spiral out of control. We willfully ignore our mental ailments because we’re taught that acknowledging them is a sign of a weak mind. Buck up, they say. Life’s tough for everyone.” (Condosta, 2016).

One of the reasons you may be cautious to ask for help is because you’ve been dealt a bad hand. If you’ve been taken advantage of by the timeshare industry, it may seem like you can’t have faith in any company anymore. Although you may have heard of Wesley Financial and our success, you may still wonder, “Is Wesley Financial legit?” Asking “Is Wesley Financial legit?” is in and of itself understandable, particularly if you have been duped by a deceitful company. Since 1989, we have been helping many people beat timeshare fraud. It is our job to make sure that our clients our happy and get the outcome they deserve.

Don’t Do It Alone

A Wesley Financial Legit resolution includes you escaping the trauma of timeshare fraud.Condosta continues to discuss why we shouldn’t believe that we have to do everything ourselves. She writes, “But who says we have to endure this pain alone? We don’t have to keep our exhaustion bottled up and shoved into the crevices of a halfhearted smile. Lean on the people you trust or the help of a professional to pull you through. Shoulder whatever is weighing on your mind with people who understand, and together, we can stretch our hunched backs and free one another from the demons the plague us day and night. There’s no shame in reaching out for a helping hand. And while many may rant and rave about “picking yourself up by the bootstraps” and making your own way, there’s only so much a tired mind can do. More often than not, we will run ourselves into the ground trying to maintain this visage of control.” (Condosta, 2016). For those who have been taken advantage of by a timeshare company, the stress factors can lead to mental and physical exhaustion. It makes sense to lean on others for assistance.

Condosta really hits the nail on the head when she encourages others to seek out help from other people. “So it’s time to cut ourselves a break and start to put our faith and our pain in the hands of others. We can’t keep accumulating stress like coins in a fountain, as we can’t be the vessel for every fear and anxiety that we’ve ever had. We have to learn to let go of our pride and our fear and start to put our trust in the people around us and the power of the universe. Everything will work itself out eventually — just do yourself a favor and reach out for a helping hand along the way.”(Condosta, 2016).

Is Wesley Financial legit? Yes, We Are

Get help from Wesley Financial, legit professional assistance from experienced winners. In a world where people still take advantage of others, it is easy to understand why many of us become wary of others. “Is Wesley Financial legit?”, might be a question you ask if you are a victim timeshare fraud. If you or someone you know has been duped in a timeshare, it would probably help to reach out to others for assistance. You can’t expect to do everything yourself. That is why there are professionals to help you. That is why Wesley Financial exists. When you find the time in your schedule, contact our team so we can begin talking with you about possible solutions to your timeshare problems. It’s okay to lean on others for help.

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