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Is Wesley Financial Group, LLC Legitimate?

Is Wesley Financial Group, LLC Legitimate?

Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) was founded by Chuck McDowell in 2011 and is located in Franklin, TN, and also has an office in Las Vegas, NV. Over time, the company has grown to hold several hundred employees and become a central figure of the timeshare cancellation industry. While still a relatively new industry, it is quickly becoming prominent in the financial field. And while there are people who are attempting to bring down the character of the industry with their scam gimmicks, leaders like Wesley Financial Group, LLC shine a bright light on the positive service that is timeshare cancellation. 

The good news is that people are seeing the great effort WFG puts into this business, and are repaying the company with supportive reviews through accredited sites. Ask their past clients, and you’ll be left happily assured of the legitimacy of WFG. With a vast history of accolades and accomplishments within a short amount of years, paired with their support from former clients, WFG looks like the most trustworthy timeshare cancellation company in the industry.

Founder’s Story

Founder and CEO, Chuck McDowell, was born and raised in Tennessee. Before founding Wesley Financial Group, LLC, he spent a short time as a timeshare sales representative himself. This is where he realized the timeshare industry was not all that it sold itself to be. Not appreciating all the deceptive and fraudulent tactics being used to sell timeshare, Chuck decided to leave and go help the people on the other side who were being lied to by these companies. By doing what he felt was the right thing to do, he went on to become a pioneer of the timeshare exit industry. Chuck has always believed in doing good for others, and that is part of the inspiration for the name of his company. Rather than naming it after his own family name, he decided to honor John Wesley for the quote below which Chuck grew up reciting in church during his youth.

“Do all the good you can. 

By all the means you can. 

In all the ways you can. 

In all the places you can. 

At all the times you can. 

To all the people you can. 

As long as ever you can.” 

– John Wesley

Is Wesley Financial Group, LLC Legitimate?

Following his morals and virtues, Chuck was able to establish Wesley Financial Group, LLC which has become one of the most successful businesses in its field. He takes pride in the work they do to liberate thousands of people who feel trapped in a timeshare.

Longest-Standing In The Industry

Since 2011, Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) has been saving families from their timeshares and relieving them of great deals of debt. WFG was one of the earliest timeshare cancellation companies and since then has received the highest recognition and accreditation possible. What works for WFG is their well-respected process when it comes to timeshare termination. When you work with WFG, you will have a full team of people working with you to get you out of your timeshare. 

WFG doesn’t take on everyone who wants out of their timeshare as a client. They actually report they receive roughly 5,000 calls every week from people seeking help with their timeshares, but close to 40% of them are denied service due to not meeting the criteria set by WFG. Your initial contact with this company will be with their qualification specialists, and after speaking with them they will determine whether you’ll be accepted as a client. To be a client of WFG, you must have been wrongfully deceived or pressured into buying a timeshare. There are particular timeshare companies that WFG cannot help with, but they report being able to cancel timeshares for over 300 companies. Once you are accepted as a client, you will be working closely with resolution specialists, who will see that you are always up to date and taken care of. Working with Wesley Financial Group, LLC provides you with trustworthy staff and a stress-free environment as you reach timeshare termination. 

Customers Are Always Right

How’s the old saying go again? Oh, that’s it, the customers are always right! So a great place for companies to look for feedback is by verified reviews through credible sources. Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) has accumulated well over 1,500 reviews in the near-decade they have been in business. These reviews come through well-respected sites such as BestCompany, TrustPilot, Google, and several others.* WFG’s positive reviews are overwhelming and they pride themselves on holding an average customer score of 4.8 out of 5. It truly appears that people believe and trust in WFG along with their process to successfully terminate timeshares. Reading through these reviews, you will see this company is described as compassionate, caring, and responsive, which are all preferred qualities in this field. 

A notable distinction held by WFG is being granted the Platinum Award by Dun & Bradstreet, a business credit reporting agency founded in 1841. This assures their clients that they have an established foundation and can be fully trusted to work with. With many scam opportunists posing as timeshare exit companies, WFG goes out of their way to show their clients they are transparent and trustworthy. By truly caring for their customers and not wanting them to suffer anymore, WFG has founded a legitimate solution. 


Wesley Financial Group, LLC has a strong backing with its accolades and also with their past clientele who constantly praise them for their service. If you are still not convinced of their legitimacy, then just look no further than their 100% money-back guarantee they offer. That’s right, if they are unable to cancel your timeshare then you will pay absolutely nothing. Working with WFG provides you with the assurance that you will not be scammed again. If you are in a dire predicament with a timeshare or know someone who is, consider reaching out to Wesley Financial Group, LLC today. It could save you time and money!

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