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How much does it cost to cancel my timeshare?

How much does it cost to cancel my timeshare?

While every timeshare owner’s situation is different, most owners can all agree on one thing – they seem to lose money on just about everything. Every corner they take there’s another fee or expense that seems to be steadily increasing. With this common circumstance, timeshare owners are hesitant to spend more money just to get their timeshare cancelled. This raises the question, just how much does cancellation cost?

Like mentioned above, every timeshare is different. This means that some owners could potentially see a much less expensive cancellation than others. Probably one of the more significant variables when trying to calculate the cost of your timeshare exit is the amount of money you paid for your timeshare to begin with. Some owners might have multiple rooms at a high-end resort, while others might have just one smaller unit at a much more affordable property. The owners with more units at nicer resorts will have to pay more money in order to execute full cancellation.

There are a few other factors in play when it comes to how much money cancellation could cost. Here are some questions to take into consideration:

  • How long ago did I sign my timeshare agreement?
  • Which timeshare management group did I purchase my timeshare with?
  • How much are my maintenance fees? And how much have they increased every year?
  • Do I have a timeshare mortgage loan or is my unit completely paid for?
  • At the time of my sales proceeding, was I promised anything that was not followed through on?

If the cost of cancellation is something that’s really hindering your efforts to cancel your timeshare, be sure to reach out to a company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC that offers a no cost consultation up front. Wesley Financial Group, LLC will assign you a representative who can talk through your timeshare situation, give you a better idea of a timeline for cancellation and advise you what steps to take next.

Another monetary benefit to working with Wesley Financial Group, LLC is the 100% money-back guarantee they offer. This means that if they are unable to cancel your timeshare within an agreed timeframe, you will get your entire payment right back into your pocket. This is a rare find in the timeshare cancellation industry, being that most companies offer escrow as opposed to a 100% money-back guarantee.

How much does it cost to cancel my timeshare?

What should I look for in an exit team?

Before executing any large purchase, most consumers usually like to do some research. This is the same protocol you should use for finding a cancellation company for your timeshare. Let’s take a look at a few of the aspects you should look for in a cancellation team. 

A Staff Committed To Integrity 

The last thing you need as a timeshare owner, is to be tricked into losing more money.  You want to be sure you find an exit team that upholds the highest standards in the industry. Be sure to read reviews and client testimonials from previous customers to make sure that a company checks out to be full of trusted employees and case representatives. 

Industry Knowledge

When trying to tackle your timeshare cancellation you want to be sure the representative on your side knows what they’re talking about. Whether it’s the background on your case or the timeline of events, making sure your timeshare exit company has knowledge should be a top priority. 

Timeshare Cancellation Or Your Money Back

This is of the utmost importance when looking for an exit team. It will give you much more peace of mind if you sign up with a company that offers a 100% money back guarantee, as opposed to one that might offer escrow. Like mentioned previously, if you’re trying to cancel your timeshare you’ve more than likely been thrown into a tough financial situation and you don’t want to lose even more money than you already have. 

A Resume Of Positive Client Testimonials

Much like reading the reviews on an online product, you want to make sure you hear from others before you move forward with your timeshare exit company of choice. These can usually be found on legitimate business review sites or social media outlets. Being able to read and listen to customers who have already gone through the cancellation process is key to predicting how your timeshare cancellation process could go. 

One company that all of these attributes apply to is Wesley Financial Group, LLC. Led by timeshare cancellation pioneer, Chuck McDowell, the cancellation company from Franklin, Tennessee is well known for its integrity, industry experience and success rates. Wesley Financial Group, LLC also offers the 100% money back guarantee that was previously mentioned above. It should be mentioned that this company does operate with a strict screening process, which means that they only take on clients who have been lied to or manipulated during their timeshare sales proceeding. 

Is It Hard To Cancel A Timeshare?

Much like the cost of cancellation, the rate of difficulty for cancellation varies from owner to owner. For instance, if you’ve had your timeshare for over a decade it might take longer to cancel rather than someone who just bought their timeshare. Something else to consider here is whether or not you were lied to during your sales presentation. If you were, your cancellation company could have an easier time executing your termination. 


The cost of cancelling your timeshare might be something that hinders you from following through with the process. But what’s more important to take into account is that cancellation is one step closer to saving money in the future. Without a timeshare attached to your name, you’ll feel liberated to start your financial planning all over again. 

Remember, there are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind when looking for a timeshare exit company. Be sure to look for a team of seasoned professionals that has vast knowledge of the industry and a passion for helping clients who have become victims to the timeshare giants. Also, make sure that the company you choose offers a 100% money-back guarantee. 
One company that satisfies all these requirements is Wesley Financial Group, LLC. If you would like to learn more information about Wesley Financial Group, LLC be sure to visit their website.

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