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How Do I Cancel A Timeshare?

How Do I Cancel A Timeshare?

It’s mentally taxing to keep making payments on a property you seldom visit. This is the story many timeshare owners tell across the nation. They were tricked into owning a timeshare, later finding out how much money it costs them and how little time they get to spend on vacation. This is why a vast majority of owners begin to look for a way out. What better way to get out of an agreement than to completely wipe away all your obligations by cancelling it completely?

Cancellation is your best bet for exiting your timeshare. Some people in the industry might suggest that another option for getting out of your timeshare would be to sell your property/unit. While this is technically an option, it’s hard to maneuver the timeshare resale market. The majority of timeshare owners did not seek out a timeshare that was up for sale. This is why it’s so hard to have success in this market. There’s a lot of supply, but not a ton of demand. 

Considering this, your best alternative is to find a reliable timeshare exit team to help you out. They can help erase your timeshare agreement for good. However, be sure to find a cancellation company that holds a legitimate reputation in the industry. Avoiding timeshare exit scams can be tough, but if you do your homework, you won’t have anything to worry about.

How do I know I’m picking the right exit company?

Before executing any large purchase, most consumers usually like to do some research. This is the same protocol you should use for finding a cancellation company for your timeshare. Let’s take a look at a few of the aspects you should look for in a cancellation team. 

A Staff Committed To Integrity 

The last thing you need as a timeshare owner is to be tricked into losing more money.  You want to be sure you find an exit team that upholds the highest standards in the industry. Be sure to read reviews and client testimonials from previous customers to make sure that a company checks out to be full of trusted employees and case representatives. 

Industry Knowledge

When trying to tackle your timeshare cancellation, you want to be sure the representative on your side knows what they’re talking about. Whether it’s the background on your case or the timeline of events, making sure your timeshare exit company has industry knowledge should be a top priority. 

Timeshare Cancellation Or Your Money Back

This is of the utmost importance when looking for an exit team. It will give you much more peace of mind if you sign up with a company that offers a 100% money back guarantee as opposed to one that might offer escrow. If you’re trying to cancel your timeshare, you’ve more than likely been thrown into a tough financial situation and you don’t want to lose even more money than you already have. 

How Do I Cancel A Timeshare?

A Resume Of Positive Client Testimonials

Much like reading the reviews on an online product, you want to make sure you hear from others before you move forward with your timeshare exit company of choice. These can usually be found on legitimate business review sites or social media outlets. Being able to read and listen to customers who have used timeshare cancellation services is key to predicting how your timeshare cancellation process could go. 

One company that all of these attributes apply to is Wesley Financial Group, LLC. Led by timeshare cancellation pioneer, Chuck McDowell, the cancellation company from Franklin, Tennessee is well known for its integrity, industry experience and success rates. Wesley Financial Group, LLC also offers the 100% money-back guarantee that was previously mentioned above. It should be mentioned that this company does operate with a strict screening process, being that they only take in clients who have been lied to or manipulated during their timeshare sales presentation

How much will my cancellation cost?

Before anyone signs up for a service, they’re always going to ponder on just how much damage it will do to their wallet. While this can be a tough question to answer, because of the varying situations of each owner, it will always be cheaper to get rid of a timeshare as opposed to keeping one. Think about it this way, why refrain from spending a couple bucks now if it’s going to save you a hundred dollars in the long run?

When getting in touch with a verified timeshare cancellation company like Wesley Financial Group, LLC, there are a few things they will take into consideration when it comes to figuring out a price quote. One of these is the amount of time you’ve owned your timeshare. Obviously, the longer you’ve had your timeshare the harder it could be to cancel it. Another factor an exit team might take into account is whether or not your timeshare is paid off. If you’re still paying a mortgage loan, it could slow down the process. However, every situation is different. 


When it comes to the choices you have for exiting your timeshare, be sure to think about the effectiveness of each option. Selling your timeshare will be tough and could take years or even decades. During this time, the cost of your timeshare will only increase. 

This is why a lot of industry experts recommend getting in touch with a timeshare cancellation company. However, be sure to avoid any timeshare exit scams. These fraudulent companies have become more and more common. The best way to find a legitimate cancellation company is to do your research on finding an exit team with industry knowledge, an experienced staff and a 100% money back guarantee. Wesley Financial Group, LLC satisfies all these requirements and then some. For more information on Wesley Financial Group, LLC and their customers, be sure to visit their website and YouTube channel. 

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