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Do Timeshare Cancellation Companies Work?

Do Timeshare Cancellation Companies Work?

This is becoming an all-too-common question in today’s age. As the timeshare industry continues to wrongfully treat and misrepresent their clients, the cancellation industry is steadily growing. Timeshare cancellation companies are providing hope to those who feel they were unfairly pressured into purchasing a timeshare. While this relatively new industry continues to expand outwards, deception and trickery has entered into this industry as well. Scam timeshare cancellation companies have damaged the character of those who laid the groundwork in this field. So the question of whether timeshare cancellation companies work or not is understandable and justified due to the increase of recent scams. However, we are happy to inform you that there are legitimate options that do in fact work, and one being Wesley Financial Group, LLC.

Reasons For A Cancellation Company

First, let’s discuss the reasons that you’re here looking for more information on timeshare cancellation. Chances are you were lied to or deceived by timeshare salespeople into buying a timeshare that you actually never wanted in the first place. Unaware of a short cooling-off period to cancel the purchase easily, you have now been stuck with this unit for years and have had to watch the prices continue to rise. This is not an ideal situation for anybody, but it is a frequent one for many timeshare owners. This dissatisfaction eventually led to the creation of the timeshare cancellation industry. 

Lied To Or Misled By Salespeople

A timeshare sales presentation is not a fun place to be. This is where most people have their initial encounter with the timeshare industry and it typically isn’t a great one. For most, these presentations are promoted as short 90-minute informative sessions, but they routinely turn out to be full of excruciating sales tactics that can last for more than 5 hours. The timeshare representatives will tell you anything here as long as it betters their chances of getting the sale. It is quite common for them to leave out important aspects of the agreement, such as the costly maintenance fees. Sometimes, they will even include “benefits” that never materialize. Too often, timeshare owners feel misrepresented by timeshare salespeople and unreasonably urged to make critical decisions within a split second.

Missed The Rescission Period

There is one stress-free way of getting out of your timeshare and that is to cancel your purchase during the rescission period. This is a short time frame directly after the purchase date that can last up to two weeks, but sometimes is only for a few days. If you realize during this time period that you’ve made a mistake by buying a timeshare, then canceling it can be easily done.  On the other hand, if you have missed the rescission period, then you could be stuck with your timeshare for much longer than expected. An interesting note about this cooling-off stage is that the majority of timeshares are purchased by those who are on vacation, so by the time they finally return home from their trip the rescission period is over. This is just another way the timeshare industry has found to take advantage of their clients.

Do Timeshare Cancellation Companies Work?

Watch Out For Scams

As mentioned before, the timeshare cancellation industry is growing exceedingly fast, and with that comes a higher risk of corruption. In recent years, there have been a number of scams that posed as timeshare exit companies. Using similar deceptive approaches as the timeshare salespeople themselves, these scam companies prey on those who are looking to get rid of their timeshare and use their weakness against them. 

If they call you out of the blue, don’t trust them. If they want you to make a decision right away without having time to research the company, don’t trust them. If they fail to offer a 100% money-back guarantee, don’t trust them. If they make you feel uncomfortable in any sort of way during the process, don’t trust them.

Timeshare Resale Companies

A timeshare exit company that is calling you out the blue and explaining that they have someone ready to buy your timeshare right away is most likely a scam. A respectable and trustworthy company would not work in such a manner, as they know this process takes time and can not be done so quickly. These same companies who claim to be selling your unit will ask for an absurd down payment from you before the transaction begins. Fall for this trick and you’ll never see or hear from those people again. Risking more financial debt is why choosing a timeshare cancellation company can be intimidating.

A Legitimate Solution

When deciding on a timeshare cancellation company, do plenty of research to ensure you will be working with a reliable and credible group. Getting out of a timeshare is already stressful enough, so it is best to avoid scam companies at all cost. A few indicators that you should look for in a legitimate option: the company has been around longer than a few years, they have a transparent process, they have a great deal of positive reviews, and most importantly they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Looking for somewhere that meets all of these criteria? While others may just want to collect your money, Wesley Financial Group, LLC is a timeshare cancellation company that does work.

Wesley Financial Group, LLC

Since 2011, Wesley Financial Group, LLC (“WFG”) has been terminating timeshares and debt associated with them for clients who were deceived into their purchase unfairly. Founded by Chuck McDowell, who was a timeshare salesman for a short time before realizing the work was too dishonest for his liking, Wesley Financial Group, LLC was started to help those who were being taken advantage of by the timeshare industry. WFG is now the longest-standing timeshare cancellation company and holds the most prestigious accolades and highest accreditation in the industry. They continue to set high standards that others can’t compete with. If you are in need of a timeshare termination, look no further than this legitimate solution.

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